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4441 South Pennsylvania Street
Englewood, CO, 80113
United States


We noticed a need, observed an opportunity, and a solution fell in our lap. 

We take valueless resources and transform them into gifts of value. Everything is 100% handmade using only upcycled materials.

We exist to serve. The majority of our profits goes to families and communities in need. 

Sunrise Small Pouch Bag


All of our products are 100% hand made from up-cycled materials.

Washable, durable, eco-friendly, unique, and has a global impact. Not only are you adding a trendy bag or apron to your collection, you are helping many people in need.


Sunrise Small Pouch Bag

Sunrise Sm Pouch 2 clear.png
Sunrise Sm Pouch 2 clear.png

Sunrise Small Pouch Bag


Replace your purse with a unique Small Pouch Bag. Our inner zipper pocket keeps your phone, keys, and money safe and right where you need them. Wrap the loop around the hand made coconut button to secure your belongings. Get it Dirty? Just throw it in the wash!

Hand made in the Philippine Islands with only up-cycled materials. You’re not just getting a sweet bag, you’re giving families and communities hope!

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Small but powerful – machine washable, durable, and complete with an inner pocket

·       15x9” with a 26” shoulder strap

·       Coconut button and loop sealer

·       4x5.5” inner pocket with zipper (phone, wallet, keys)