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I'm sure you are wondering if all of this is "fair".

We buy the flour sack bags (that would otherwise be trash) from bakeries and mills, give them to our seamstresses with a design, they sew them into what you see in the COLLECTION, and then we buy the finished product from them. When all is said and done, they are earning more than double the fair trade wage in the Philippines, just for producing our products. On top of that, we use our profits to provide extra food, construct homes, pay for education, purchase clothing, obtain medicine and medical supplies, and whatever else they may need. Our goal is to impact multiple communities and countless families, but that is only possible with your help!


Q: What is the Fair Trade Wage in the Philippines?

A: Most workers make only $2 a day! Sometimes less. 

Q: How do you select the communities that benefit?

A: We like the ripple effect. It all started with one individual asking for help, then people in her community asked for help, and so on.       However, if we see a need outside of our linked community, we do everything we can to be inclusive.

Q: What does PRUIBA mean?

A: Pruiba is the Tagbanwa word for 'proving God faithful'. The Tagbanwa people live on Tara Island, which is part of the Palawan island group, in the Mimaropa region of the Philippines. Lori Burke, our founder, actually grew up on Tara Island as a missionary kid. The Tagbanwa people learned to trust God for everything, so many of them have amazing 'Pruiba' stories and moments in their lives where their needs were met and some could say it was a miracle. 


Q: Where does my donation go?

A: 100% of your donation goes to the families and communities in need. Their day to day needs are met with the income provided from our products, so any donation we receive will go towards community development and special needs. For example: home construction, feeding programs, disaster relief, medicine and medical supplies, and the like. If you have a specific request for the use of your donation, we can do that - simply reply to your confirmation email with directions and we will make it happen!


Q: Can we do more for the Philippines than buying products or donating?

A: Absolutely! We spent the majority of our lives in the Philippines and as a result have very close friends and partners doing amazing things over there. We can facilitate medical trips, sports ministry ventures, construction outreaches, dental trips, disaster relief projects, feeding programs, and almost anything you can think of. If you have an idea we haven't mentioned, shoot us an email!

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